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Wet/Dry Question Will Be Decided In A Special Election

By Lynette Norris, Greene Publishing Inc.
Friday, June 08, 2012

Ted Ensminger presents required
signatures and letters of certification
to the County Commission for the
August 28 special election.

Ted Ensminger of the Madison Yes committee appeared before the County Commissioners Tuesday, having met the legal requirements to call a special election. Madison Yes, he said, represented volunteers businesses and about 3000 registered voters in Madison County who would like to have the special election to decide whether or not sales of alcohol would be permitted within the county limits.

The Madison Yes committee formed to collect signatures from those wishing to bring the question to a vote, filed its paperwork February 16, 2012, and had 120 days to collect enough signatures - one fourth of the voting population of 11,062, or a little less than 3000 signatures. The committee finished 23 days ahead of schedule, with 4,183 signatures, about 3300 of which has been certified as "good."

With the petition signatures and two letters of certification before them, one from the County Supervisor of Elections Office and one from the Clerk of Courts Tim Sanders' office, the County Commission agreed that the legal requirements had been met, and the election had to be called within 60 days of the original deadline, but more than 60 days before any regularly scheduled election. From that narrow window of about two weeks, the Supervisor of Elections recommended the date of August 28, 2012, because the only other Tuesday available was Sept. 4, the day after a major holiday.

County Commission approved the earlier date and called the special election for August 28.