Madison county is at or near the bottom of every economic indicator. The time to act is now!
Together we can make a difference.
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MadisonYES! and Madison County Made History
on August 28, 2012!!

By the Numbers

Question #1
Regarding the selling of beverages above 6.243% alcohol content:FOR - 3,052 (61.61%)
 AGAINST - 1,902 (38.39%)
 TOTAL VOTES - 4,954
Question #2
For the selling by package and by the drink:3,050 (68.52%)
For the selling by package only:1,401 (31.48%)
 TOTAL VOTES - 4,451

Many heartfelt thanks to our nearly 100 volunteers and business partners who locked on to the importance of this project and for over seven months, never gave up. For the efforts of several specific volunteers that gave hundreds of hours of their time and always held on to the belief that the time had come, and to our special friends in Suwannee and Santa Rosa Counties who came to us as constant cheerleaders and suppliers of sound advice, and to the over 3,000 Madison County Voters who demanded this positive change by being counted, MadisonYES! says WELL DONE!

After almost 90 years, Madison County, Florida is now legally wet!